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About Me

Hi, my name is Lynne, I’ve always loved animals and taking care of them is what I enjoy doing.  At Paddock for Paws we can offer a 3 acre, secure paddock, providing  a  safe environment for you to exercise your dog. 


 The Paddock is available for hire, so  that you can walk and exercise your  dog in a safe, secure and stress free environment.


Please feel free to get in touch for more information and also to book. 

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Our service

  • Do you have a nervous dog?

  • Would you rather walk your dog where you won't be pestered by other dogs?

  • Is your dog in season and can't mix with male dogs?

  • Is your dog's recall not as good as you would like?

  • Is your dog unsociable with other dogs?

  • is your dog's recall not as good as you would like?

  • Have you lost your confidence letting your dog off the lead following a bad incident involving other dogs?


Secure Dog Walking Field

At Paddock for Paws, we can offer a private, secure 3 acre field for hire in which you can exercise your dog on its own in a controlled environment, off the lead, allowing it to run free and play.

The perimeter fence is 5' -  5 1/2' high.

We also have secure, off road parking.

Fresh running water available.

Balls and toys to play with.

Agility equipment.

We have weekly visits from Poo Patrol who dispose of all our visiting dogs poo responsibly, it doesn't end up in land fill but in a treatment centre , where it is converted into energy to heat and light hospitals. So your furry friend will be doing their bit to help the environment as well.

Field hire rates

For 30 minutes - £5 per dog

For 1 hour- £9 per dog

Additional dogs at a discounted rate.


Contact Me

Please contact me to book in advance. 

We will be there to welcome you, parking is situated on the large gravelled area, to the right of the house. I would ask you to keep your dog in your car until the field is available for your use and also keep your dog on the lead until you are in the field and the gate is shut behind you.

Please feel free to contact me for more information or availability.

The Brambles, Flaunden Lane, Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, HP3 0PA

Tel. 07933 598233


"Paddock for Paws" daycare for dogs & secure dog walking field

Tel. 07933 598233

The Brambles, Flaunden Lane, Bovingdon, HP3 0PA